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Name:Francis Abernathy
Location:Hampden, Vermont, United States of America
Francis Abernathy is 5'10" and an impeccably-dressed, lanky redhead with blue eyes and a horrific sense of arrogance. He arrives on the island during the events of Chapter 8 of The Secret History, in the middle of a panic attack and a hysterical two a.m. phonecall.

It's been a bad night.

Initial inventory:

• Black wool three-button suit jacket and trousers
• White linen button-down shirt, with French collar and cuffs
• Sterling silver cufflinks, in the shape of a knot
• Silk seven-fold necktie, in a purple and grey paisley pattern on a black background
• Dove grey linen handkerchief
• Black calfskin leather belt with silver-toned brass buckle
• Pale blue silk boxers

• Silver-plated cigarette case, enameled in Tiffany blue front and back and with “FVA” monogrammed in silver script on the front
• 18 unfiltered Gauloises cigarettes
• Matchbook from the Brasserie, containing six matches
• Small navy leather glasses case containing gold-rimmed pince-nez with nonprescription glass lenses
• Black calfskin leather billfold, containing:
o Hampden College ID card
o Massachusetts driver’s license
o Gold American Express card
o $125 in cash
o Business card from Palmer, Richards, and Thayer Attorneys-at-Law, reading “Michael F. Thayer, Esq.”
o Scrap of notepaper, bearing a phone number and the notation “Christopher”
o Receipt from Hampden Town Dry Cleaners

• Black Bakelite telephone receiver, complete with a foot of telephone cord, truncated neatly at the end

This journal is for fun and RP only. Francis and The Secret History belong to Donna Tartt, Jerome Clark belongs to himself and whatever modeling agency he's signed with presently. All I own is my admiration of the character.
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